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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Glow Sticks

I found these at Michael's Craft Store for a dollar. You get 15 in the tube and I think they are fun.
Last night we talked about what the sun does for us and what the moon does for us. Then we talked about light and dark. After that "lesson" We ran outside because I was dying to try these out.
I just think this one is funny.
Here we go!
We waved them and played with them for about 40 minutes and they insisted that we go on a nature walk so I grabbed a neighbor kid to stay in my house to watch Scarlett who passed out at 8 so we could go on the nature walk.
Cheap and fun and no clean up! YES!
They both wanted to sleep with them so this morning I found them tight fisted with the glow sticks in their hands. Aww.

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