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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Straw Sculptures

You need straws and scissors.
Cut slits on the ends and then start to build.
The unslit sides fit into the slit sides.
Cutting and building.
This is serious stuff!  We had a fun time and were building for 45 minutes.
When you are done, keep the straws I have another project for this next week!
Just bag it and label it...project straws!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Romaine Prints

Sorry about last week, I had enrichment, 2 birthdays a new niece and my husband worked a 20 hour shift!

So here we are with our fun project.
Save the ends of your Romaine Heads...and leave them out overnight so they dry out.
You get a better print since they are wet. Also use these craft paint because its thicker and works the best on butcher paper.
Then stamp away. We practiced on paper and then went directly to butcher paper.
Let it dry for 24 hours.
Then wrap your present!
Here is the back.

My sister was the recipient of this particular gift and she liked the paper so much! 
Its an original work of art!
If you wanted to be GREEN you could do it on Brown Paper Bags!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Family Rules

Back in July my family had a little meeting. We discussed our family rules, decided what they would be and then colored the picture so we wouldn't forget.
Watch out ladies he is taken! LOL
So here we are gluing the pictures on the pages.
So I drew the pictures and the kids colored them
Here it is completed
Here is a closer look.
So I came up with the rule and they came up with the explanation.

It has worked in our home since July because they "helped" with the family rules. If there is a discussion we always refer back to it.  The consequence for breaking the rule is also enforced so there is no question that these are serious rules.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sand and Water

I LOVE sensory days.

I try and collect as many sensory items as I can throughout the year so that our Winters are fun.  I found this Sand and Water Playset at TRU for 7 dollars on clearance. I bought 3 of them because they were a good price and fun for any age.
This particular day we did just water but I can't wait to use it with snow or sand or other fun things.
It came with 3 boats and 4 cars and it occupied my 3 kids for a full hour!
Try to build one or check out your TRU today!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Name Recognition #4,#5 and #6

I have a list of skills that I expect my daughter to master before she is 3.5. Cutting with scissors successfully is in my top 3.  So I incorporated it into my lesson for the day.  I precut letters and bagged them for the activity.

They all remembered their FIRST letter so it was time to learn their name.  I had them sit and practice cutting so I could observe and determine what I needed to work on with each kid.  It was good for them to try it on their own first so here they are...
I got to teach 2 kids at a time a little bit about cutting with scissors and it is my goal to have them cutting beautifully by May! :)

While they were free cutting I made this for each kid.
Those are post it notes.
Then they got to glue on the letters where they belonged.  Most of the kids were so good at this, others knew the letters but needed help figuring out where it went.
I don't have a finished picture but they were really cute! :)

For snack I pre-scored the cheese with the letter of their name and let them finish the cut.
They had cheese and crackers.
They loved this activity!

Do you remember how I had their names on the wall?  This time we played Simon Says but changed it with their name. So Lindsey says touch your toes.  After every turn they had to pull their name off the wall and stick it to their shirt. Each kid got 3 turns.
This is how we kept track. :)
Another fun game, another successful day.  Try them yourself it was pretty fun!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Name Recognition #2 & #3

There is only one picture of this one, but I assure you all of the kids loved this activity.
I typed up their name and had letter stamps and they had to spell their names with the playdoh and stamps.  They would laugh and laugh when they figured out they needed the same letter like an E or an I it was so silly.

Then it was snack time.
I found AlphaBits cereal for $1.00 at Target and that sold me!

They had AlphaBits and Milk for snack and if they found their letter in their cup we would all clap.
So if A found an A we would all clap and cheer that she could find it herself.
It was tasty and fun!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Name Recognition #1

We are working on name recognition with the 2.5 year olds.  I made their first letter from WordArt and let the kids stamp them with the Bingo Daubers.
Then while they were drying we sang the Good Morning Song and when their name was called they had to stand up and spin around and then sit again so we could get to the next person.  They loved this.  Then I cut them out and glued them on black paper and then it was time for the game.
We had to see who's letter matched the picture...does K match B? No?  Who's name starts with K?  Keegan right!  Lets keep going...Does N match B? You get the idea.  They loved this game too.

Words to Good Morning Song
Good Morning to you, Good morning to you.
Good Morning to _____________ Good Morning to you!
Next kid.

My goal for today was to make sure that all of the kids knew the first letter of their name.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Stick Puppet Show

I love activities that are made from recycled stuff and that are great for any age.  This is one of those activities.

Here is what you need.
Empty Box of Crackers, Skewers not Depressors (shown), print outs, crayons and tape.
These are MUCH BETTER!
Print this stage HERE

And these puppets HERE and HERE
Illustrations by Kayanna Nelson
Then while the kids are coloring. You can make the stage.  I taped it to the box after cutting the top off. Then cut the box in the hole and then let them color the stage.
While they are coloring the stage tape the puppet to the sticks, and then all around that. and don't forget to make them upside down so when the kids stick them in it is right side up...

Then I made up the words and the kids had to make up the motions like " Mr. Dog decided to JUMP over little girl Nadia." Then they had to do it.  then we switched.  It was great fun and I hope you all will try it!

The best part is that it is its own container! :)
The next time I pull this out I will make copies of the kids and put them on the sticks so "they" can really participate. :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mighty Minis

I have 3 small kids who love popsicles.  My youngest (almost 18 months) is just too slow at eating them and I hate the mess.  So I found these at Target for $2.30 and thought I would try them.  They are SLOW MELT popsicles!  They have a little bit of Gelatin in them and are made from fruit juice and they are DELICIOUS!  Plus, I don't have to worry about stains on clothes and they are perfect size for littler ones who are slow at eating freezing ice things!

So here are my younger kids enjoying them.  They are a lot smaller too in size and the sticks are bigger but you know what I didn't care...they were happy and didn't burn in the hot sun while eating them! Hahaha

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