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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lakeshore GIVEAWAY!!!

I am lucky that I have friends in high places because Lakeshore Learning is sponsoring this giveaway. Wahoo! If you haven't noticed I have been slightly excited about COLORS. That is what this giveaway is all about!

Here is what is on the menu if you enter this month's giveaway...
The Color Theme Box - $49.95 value
The Knowing your Colors Sorting Box - $19.95 value (we used these remember?)
AND a $50 gift certificate to Lakeshore to pick one more item of your choice!

The best part of this giveaway?  If you would prefer to switch out The first item for this...
Color Discovery Box - $49.95 value 
You can!  You will still get the Sorting Socks Color Box and the Gift Card!  Totally sweet! So all you need to do to enter is...

1 - Leave a comment telling me how you heard about this site...and where you are from.

2 - If you are a follower leave a comment and tell me. (its an extra entry!!)

3 - For another entry search through the blog and comment on an activity that you did or would like to do and how it went, or what you did differently. 

Contest starts at 8am Pacific Time and ends FRIDAY 8pm Pacific Time. Winner will be announced Sunday at 12 NOON.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Secondary Colors - Toddler Activity #5

These puzzles can be found here.

I printed them out and let them have at it.  I also printed them smaller and then added magnets for our upcoming road trip. Try them!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Delayed - a must read!

I didn't post Fri-Today because I went to California to announce to my parents and ENTIRE family that we are expecting #4 A GIRL!!! in February. I am 22 weeks and feel fine, I don't usually get sick so this pregnancy is up there with the other three. :)

So I will be back to finish my tot school posts and there will be a lakeshore giveaway on Monday! Wahoo!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Secondary Colors - Toddler Activity #4

Sorting Colors

Another item in our Lakeshore Giveaway next week.

but if you just can't wait here is the link.

Every one liked this game, its quiet and fun and there are 8 games you can play with it besides sorting colors!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Secondary Colors - Toddler Activity #3

Snacks for TotSchool

We did Orange, Purple and Green colored snacks.
Cheeze-Its, Oranges, Grapes, and Pears and Apples.

This was really just to add to the activity.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Secondary Colors - Toddler Activity #2

We went outside for this game.  I had bought these color paddles a while ago when I worked for the State and have kept them because there are so many uses for them!

If you want some of your own...Lakeshore has some or you could just wait until next week for our Lakeshore GIVEAWAY!!!  Its totally up to you!
So this is what they look like...

I used sidewalk chalk to color different stations.  Orange, Purple and Green.
Then the kids had to find which combinations made the right color.

 Okay now Green...

I let them walk around outside and look through the plates to see the world with the different color perspectives.  It was a fun and simple activity and we can do it again and again!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Secondary Colors - Toddler Activity #1

It was my turn for Tot School this week.  Everyday I will post what we did for you to do with your 2.5-3 year old.  If you want my tot school schedule email me and I will send it to you! :)

Last week they worked on Primary Colors. I was pleased that they knew the 3 they worked on so it was time to learn the next 3.

I downloaded this Catch a Rainbow observation chart from KidZone.  I printed it on Graph Paper for full effect! :)

Then I filled a bowl of milk and added food coloring red, blue and yellow to the milk.  I used milk because it showed the colors better than water would have.
 Then we observed it.
 Then we filled in the first circle with what we saw.
The kids were so good and coloring everything just as they saw it. Cute!
 Then I stirred it with a wooden stick.
 They thought this was neat. Then we colored what we saw after the stirring.
During snack I asked each person what we did and what we saw.  I loved that 4 of the kids said that we made a mess in the bowl. Hahaha.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Witches Brooms

I know you were totally waiting for another awesome Toddler Halloween Snack idea right?

Here is one more to finish our week.

You need 1 string cheese cut into 3 parts, licorice strings, and 3 pretzel sticks.
 Start by peeling up the cheese half way.
 Once my kids saw how to do it, they jumped right in!
 It should look like this...
 Then you stick the pretzel down the other end...
Then add the licorice.
Then enjoy!

If you like these snack ideas or want to see more...please leave a comment and I will make sure to add them into my weeks! :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Monster Munch

Another fun Halloween snack.  My son is in charge of the snack and on his day its monster day, which we will do on Halloween week. :)

Anyway here is my creation of MONSTER MUNCH! Aaah! Monster Munch is what Monsters eat-not monster parts. :)
Here is what I used: 
Honey Nut Cheerios (people eyes)
Vanilla Goldfish (dead fish)
Raisins (bug eyes)
Sunflower Seeds (mouse toes)
Sweedish Fish (baby tongues)
Chow Mein Noodles (dried up worms)
Cocoa Puffs-not pictured but used (mouse poop)

Totally gross, but fun.
I let them create their own mix and for my son's class I made a chart and let them see and read what was in their individual snack sized ziploc bags.   
 Then it was time to eat.
And discover what each thing was.  It was a fun activity. Try it instead of candy! 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fun Halloween Snack

I couldn't resist making my kids something fun for snack.

You need an orange, a pretzel stick and a green airhead. Shown here...
Cut the airhead into a large triangle and then wrap around the pretzel. Stick it into the peeled orange.
Look! A pumpkin!  We added dried spiced cloves after this to make the eyes nose and mouth.

 But before we could do that we had to eat the candy! Haha.

It was a fun after school snack to get us into the Halloween Spirit!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Making Ketchup

Or chech-up as my 18 month old calls it.  We were having Corn Dogs for lunch and my 4 year old asks how do you make ketchup?

I asked him how he thought it was made and he said just mash up some tomatoes?  So we tried it.
We pulled tomatoes from the garden and bagged them...
 and smashed them.

then we read the ingredients and made our own.
 The real stuff is in the pink bowl.

  My kids liked their version so much that is what they dipped their lunch in. :)
Nothing amazing, just something fun.

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