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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leaf Art

Easy and Fun Leaf Activity for Toddlers.
Go outside and collect some leaves.
Here in Colorado it has been beautiful and Sunny (11-9-10)
 Once you have collected the leaves, but them in a ziploc bag.
 Smash them and while the kids get their aggression out draw a leaf on each paper.
 The leaves I chose were ones similar to the ones that they had collected.
 Then trace the leaf with glue.
 Take the leaf bits and put them on the glue.
Ta-Da! Something different than your average collection of leaves. :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Manipulatives

Learning Resources had these Fall Pattern and Sequencing Cards
So I bought them for $5 at the school's book fair.
It comes with 18 counters and 14 sequencing cards. They are double sided and get harder each card.
 It is neat too because it has other activities you can do and fun facts about owls, bats and squirrels.
This is just a fun activity you can do with your kids that is neat and clean and fits in a gallon size bag! Haha

HERE is their website.  I am not endorsing them or anything but it is another cool place to find educational toys.  Like I said earlier I found this game at the elementary's book fair.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Toddler Thanksgiving and Fall Idea


For family night in our house we are taking each night until Thanksgiving to talk about something we are grateful for.  The problem with having a 4, 3 and almost 2 year old and my having a slight pregnancy brain is coming up with 25 things to be thankful for. So I made a list and then cut them out and wrapped each category around left over Halloween candy.
If you would like the list, please email me at valeriewitte@yahoo.com
Then you put them in the jar.
Then after dinner, the kids get to pick a candy.
and then on the leaf write what they are grateful for...
Then tape it to the tree I made out of paper bags.
Since my almost 3 year old can't exactly "write" she drew a picture.
Then taped it to the window.
Once all 25 are filled out its going to look great! :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Candy for Toddlers

Valerie - What do you do with Halloween Candy in your house of Toddlers? - Jennie S.
Jennie S.

Well, having many toddlers in my house I sort through the candy as it comes in and pick out the things that they can't have like gum or blowpops and put them back into the outgoing bowl. Then I let them have 5 that night and 5 the next day and we then sort out the chocolates like snickers and stuff - freeze them - and make different things with them.

My family is famous for snickers pie, milky way shakes and crunch cookies. We give them out at Thanksgiving Treats to the neighbors. If you were at my wedding you would have had my Snickers Pie as me and my sister made 11 the night before the big day!

The other stuff like smarties and things that are non chocolate we use as cleaning bribes throughout the year.  I never have to buy candy and it lasts through Easter. Hahaha, just in time for more candy!

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