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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Toddler Thanksgiving and Fall Idea


For family night in our house we are taking each night until Thanksgiving to talk about something we are grateful for.  The problem with having a 4, 3 and almost 2 year old and my having a slight pregnancy brain is coming up with 25 things to be thankful for. So I made a list and then cut them out and wrapped each category around left over Halloween candy.
If you would like the list, please email me at valeriewitte@yahoo.com
Then you put them in the jar.
Then after dinner, the kids get to pick a candy.
and then on the leaf write what they are grateful for...
Then tape it to the tree I made out of paper bags.
Since my almost 3 year old can't exactly "write" she drew a picture.
Then taped it to the window.
Once all 25 are filled out its going to look great! :)

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