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Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day Activity #5 - Earth Cups

We have been talking and studying about the Earth all of the week, so today we let loose and made a cool snack.

You need oreos, chocolate pudding, dixie cups, gummy worms and kids.
Put the oreos in a bag and let the kids get creative on crushing them, spoons fists, whatever you like...
Then put the pudding in the cup and tell them it is mud...let them inspect...
Next add the dirt...(oreos)
Then add the worms!
Now dig in!  haha Dig into the Earth!
That's it! Something fun to eat on our 3rd day of rain! The kids loved it and it was EASY

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Activity #4 - Nature Collecting

So since today is Earth day we gathered and collected data to observe and classify at home.  We also talked about what those words meant, it was a science day! :")
They were allowed to collect 10 things in their basket.
L spotted these,she wanted 10 but I convinced her that there was more out there!
The girls had fun running and laughing.
We talked about the changing of the colors and leaves growing too.
Then we pulled out the magnifying glass and took a look.
A really good look. And then made a chart of what was living and not living, and what was a plant and what was not.  It was really fun to see them determine what was what.
I love these magnifying glasses.
Then when they were done "learning" they got to build structures with their collected stuff.

Go on go hunt, go hug a tree and tell me all about it!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Activity #3 - Bird Feeders

This one was all CC, she taught the lesson AND provided the activity!  We all met together for FHE and the kids had a fun time just being together!
The lesson was on Birds and why we need them and why we are thankful for them!
The kids were listening so well.
Then it was time to cover the pinecones with peanut butter
Then add seed to the butter...
Then the next morning we hung them up!
Super cute and the birds have already been at them this morning!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day Activity #2 - Learning about the Earth

I bought this Atlas Book for Kids at Barnes and Noble during Christmas time and it was $5.  I have never showed it to the kids until today.

We talked about the Earth, where we live on it and then flipped through and learned about the other continents.  Remember they are toddlers so it wasn't too indepth but it was a great learning day for them!
So we made Earths. First we painted the blue ocean.
Then we tore up some green paper and added it to the Earth.  I glued shapes to the Earth and they glued the paper on.
Then we looked at the USA, my kids spotted Grandpas house!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day Activity #1 - Planting Flowers

I am totally getting this idea from my friend CC who started me thinking about Earth Week...Every idea this week will be for Earth Week.

Today we planted flowers.
The kids got to pick what they wanted to plant.
My son made sure he had something masculine, no pink for him!
These shovels were $1 at Target
My husband took charge and explained to them why we mix up the dirt, why we add food to the dirt and why we dig holes.
The kids loved learning about this.
They also enjoyed getting dirty.
They also planted tomatoes, and talked about how some of the food we eat comes from the ground.
Watering can $1 at Target
They talked about root systems, and how we need to be gentle with the flowers and plants.
my baby just watched.  Rake $1 at Target.

The plants were all $2.50 at the local nursery so total monies for the day was $10!

Go play in the dirt today! 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Orange Lunch

Its that time again!  This week is the color orange!

Orange Powerade, Peach Yogurt, Carrots, Cheddar Flips (Pretzel Crackers),
 Mac n'Cheese, Cheeto's, and Orange Slices.

We talked about what makes orange.
What we liked the most.
How many things are orange in nature.
Why most things that are orange have cheese on them or in them!

It was fun! Try it today!

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