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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Melted Bead Art

Do you remember doing this as a kid?
I don't remember what it is called but Michael's sells these kits for $2-$5 and sometimes they are on sale for $1.

I found this at Ikea for $8
 I love these beads. So many possibilities. :)

 So much focus and determination.
 It comes with waxed paper, you iron it for a few seconds, or until the holes disappear. This is a debate in my house. My friend says the debate in her house is whether you iron both sides or not. 
Everyone has their thing right? :)

I used this for a Spring Break activity when it was "quiet activity"

We turned them into magnets for the fridge.
So fun and we can play again and again since we have 2,344 beads left. :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cream Cheese Play Dough/Snack

This is a great recipe if you have kids who need something to do AND eat! :)

Here is what you need:
8oz cream cheese
3/4 cup non fat powdered milk.
1.5 TBSP of honey
Food Coloring

Sounds totally bizarre right?
Well, you mix and mix and mix until you get "frosting" consistency.

Then you slap some on waxed paper and let them go to town. I gave them forks and knives so they could scribble with it, chop it, smear it, and just "play" with it.
This was great for the 1 year old.
She wanted to "play" too!
It works, because it is also edible!

When they were done I gave them some pretzels, excellent timing, as it was snack time. :)

This stuff does not keep, so it is for one time play only.
I bet you have all this stuff on hand.
I always have powdered milk - but that is because I use it for baking wheat bread. 
Have fun and try it!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crepe Weaving

I grabbed these grates from the microwave. If you have a toaster oven - you could use that too! 
The paper rolls were from someone's birthday.

I tore them into strips and then had them weave.
Everyone was focused on this activity.

My one year old plopped into my lap and wanted to do it too.

It is times like these that make me realize how important it is to stop and "play" with my children.
They need it, and pretty soon they turn 5 and don't "need" me anymore.
I encourage you to pick an activity and DO it with your children.
They truly love to explore and learn WITH you.

Also - save the crepe paper "scraps" I will be using it in another activity. Recycling! YES!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bath and Body Paint

Want to learn how to do this... 
I bet you even have all the "ingredients" in your house!

Here is what you need:
Ice cube trays, a measuring cup, liquid baby soap, cornstarch, food coloring, paint brushes, ziploc bag and tooth picks!

Here is what you do!
Mix 1/2 cup baby soap and 2 TBSP of cornstarch in the ziploc bag.
or let the kids do it!
Then cut the tip of the edge and add to the ice cube tray...
Then add the food coloring.
mix with tooth picks...

Now - it is time for a tip!

Do you have this problem with aprons?
I mean, what is the point?
Here is how you fix it!
 ^^^add one side of string to the tail of the neck.^^^
 then tie normally.

Okay, back to the craft.
Once the paint has been mixed, head to the tub!
paint away.

When it it time to clean up, to pick up sibling from kindergarten....
Use a squirt bottle for added fun!
It cleans RIGHT up!

My girls were at this for 1.5 hours, and if we didn't have to leave - they would have kept going!

Try it on a rainy day, or a snowy day, or a "it's too hot to play outside" day.
The best thing?
You can paint your BODY with it too!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sticky Sensory Dough

Here is what you need:

4 slices of white bread, crusts cut off
4 TBSP of white liquid glue
4-5 drops of food coloring

Large bowl
Large Spoon

Start by tearing up the dough into small pieces.

Oh, give the crusts to the one year old...
She will take care of those. :)

Then, add the glue and food coloring.
I made ours speckled by only adding 4 drops all over the bowl.
If you want a solid color, add it to the glue and stir to make a solid color.

Then stir it up!

Separate on plates and let them go to town!

You can double it, triple it, whatever you want.
This was perfect for 2 kids.
I knew my one year old would eat it, so she got to watch and enjoy crusts! :)

This project cleans up fast and you can let it dry over night and harden, or just trash it.
Either way, 30 minutes of fun and done!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pie Day!

My kids love to cook. Actually, I love to cook too!

If my dad had never sat with me and cooked with me when I was younger, I probably wouldn't love it as much as I do.  Funny that I am better at baking than he is! Haha.

I hope to teach my kids how to cook, even my sons so that they never go hungry, and so they always remember what fun we had doing it together!

Here goes. In honor of
Pie Day

We made pies together.
I already made pie crusts last night while they were in bed, and then I remembered I had these in my pantry.

So here is what you need:
 Seriously, the Jiffy boxes are .88 cents a box, the walmart filling is $1.98 a can, not the most delicious, but who cares?  The best thing about Jiffy mix is...
It only requires WATER! Perfect for little ones!
 She is being dramatic (above) it is so easy to roll out!
The directions are right on the box.

Then cut out about 1/2 to a full inch around the perimeter of your "pan"

Here is my son, greasing the pyrex bowls with butter.
Then fill with dough and press around, then fill with filling...
 Add the top (after punching with holes)
I bought these at Walmart too...
They are 3 for $1.75 and come with lids!
I bought these so we could make some for the hubs.
 ooh! a fancy lattice top!
I poked the tops with the ages of the kids. So we could tell who's was who's.

Then we baked according to the filling instructions...

If you want to celebrate Pie day but don't have time...
They sell these individual pies for .98 cents a piece!

We are having friends over tonight for dessert and these will be perfect for the kids!

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