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Monday, December 6, 2010

Easy Toddler Christmas Idea #4

Christmas Lights Christmas Activity for Toddlers!
Cut some new sponges into shapes like lights.
 Let the kids stamp them in any order. To not make a mes I placed them on the paper, they smashed them and then lifted them into the paint.
 Alternate colors or pattern if you want.
 Then add black for the tops and connect with a marker. I did this part.
Here is the poem that went at the bottom:
What a tangled web we weave
When first we try to light the eave
A jumbled mess of bulbs and wire
Almost enough to uninspire!
But soon enough the job is done
We've even found the burned out one!
We've trimmed the tree and lit the hedge
And even strung the rooftop edge
And the dancing lights, both bright and clear
Mean Christmastime is finally here!

They look great on the wall. Try it, its super easy and fun for toddlers!
Simple Christmas Projects for Toddlers


  1. I did this project with a homeschool kindergarten class today. It went well, but the kids went nuts with the sponge painting and there wasn't really any way to make it into a string of lights. Still, I had a sample to show the parents so they understood the idea. We did it on vellum with the little poem pre-printed. I think the vellum is fun to hang on the windows and have the light go through a little. I am Jeanette's cousin-in-law.

  2. Oh, it wasn't a problem we had, I am not really into hindering their creativity and they really just wanted to go sponge stamp crazy, which was FINE with me!

    We usually come to Colorado every July for a week, but this year we are going to Disneyworld instead, so we won't be coming until summer of 2012 (unless there is a death or something, not to be morbid, but we still have a Great Grandma alive who will be 91 in July, so you never know). Thanks for checking out my work!


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