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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pie Day!

My kids love to cook. Actually, I love to cook too!

If my dad had never sat with me and cooked with me when I was younger, I probably wouldn't love it as much as I do.  Funny that I am better at baking than he is! Haha.

I hope to teach my kids how to cook, even my sons so that they never go hungry, and so they always remember what fun we had doing it together!

Here goes. In honor of
Pie Day

We made pies together.
I already made pie crusts last night while they were in bed, and then I remembered I had these in my pantry.

So here is what you need:
 Seriously, the Jiffy boxes are .88 cents a box, the walmart filling is $1.98 a can, not the most delicious, but who cares?  The best thing about Jiffy mix is...
It only requires WATER! Perfect for little ones!
 She is being dramatic (above) it is so easy to roll out!
The directions are right on the box.

Then cut out about 1/2 to a full inch around the perimeter of your "pan"

Here is my son, greasing the pyrex bowls with butter.
Then fill with dough and press around, then fill with filling...
 Add the top (after punching with holes)
I bought these at Walmart too...
They are 3 for $1.75 and come with lids!
I bought these so we could make some for the hubs.
 ooh! a fancy lattice top!
I poked the tops with the ages of the kids. So we could tell who's was who's.

Then we baked according to the filling instructions...

If you want to celebrate Pie day but don't have time...
They sell these individual pies for .98 cents a piece!

We are having friends over tonight for dessert and these will be perfect for the kids!

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