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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Activity #4 - Nature Collecting

So since today is Earth day we gathered and collected data to observe and classify at home.  We also talked about what those words meant, it was a science day! :")
They were allowed to collect 10 things in their basket.
L spotted these,she wanted 10 but I convinced her that there was more out there!
The girls had fun running and laughing.
We talked about the changing of the colors and leaves growing too.
Then we pulled out the magnifying glass and took a look.
A really good look. And then made a chart of what was living and not living, and what was a plant and what was not.  It was really fun to see them determine what was what.
I love these magnifying glasses.
Then when they were done "learning" they got to build structures with their collected stuff.

Go on go hunt, go hug a tree and tell me all about it!

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