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Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day Activity #1 - Planting Flowers

I am totally getting this idea from my friend CC who started me thinking about Earth Week...Every idea this week will be for Earth Week.

Today we planted flowers.
The kids got to pick what they wanted to plant.
My son made sure he had something masculine, no pink for him!
These shovels were $1 at Target
My husband took charge and explained to them why we mix up the dirt, why we add food to the dirt and why we dig holes.
The kids loved learning about this.
They also enjoyed getting dirty.
They also planted tomatoes, and talked about how some of the food we eat comes from the ground.
Watering can $1 at Target
They talked about root systems, and how we need to be gentle with the flowers and plants.
my baby just watched.  Rake $1 at Target.

The plants were all $2.50 at the local nursery so total monies for the day was $10!

Go play in the dirt today! 

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