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Friday, September 10, 2010

Name Recognition #4,#5 and #6

I have a list of skills that I expect my daughter to master before she is 3.5. Cutting with scissors successfully is in my top 3.  So I incorporated it into my lesson for the day.  I precut letters and bagged them for the activity.

They all remembered their FIRST letter so it was time to learn their name.  I had them sit and practice cutting so I could observe and determine what I needed to work on with each kid.  It was good for them to try it on their own first so here they are...
I got to teach 2 kids at a time a little bit about cutting with scissors and it is my goal to have them cutting beautifully by May! :)

While they were free cutting I made this for each kid.
Those are post it notes.
Then they got to glue on the letters where they belonged.  Most of the kids were so good at this, others knew the letters but needed help figuring out where it went.
I don't have a finished picture but they were really cute! :)

For snack I pre-scored the cheese with the letter of their name and let them finish the cut.
They had cheese and crackers.
They loved this activity!

Do you remember how I had their names on the wall?  This time we played Simon Says but changed it with their name. So Lindsey says touch your toes.  After every turn they had to pull their name off the wall and stick it to their shirt. Each kid got 3 turns.
This is how we kept track. :)
Another fun game, another successful day.  Try them yourself it was pretty fun!


  1. They are so funny with scissors right now. I've tried to show them how to do it with one hand, but they always insist on using two!

  2. I love your site! Katie and Courtney are my dad's cousin's daughters and I actually was in the same stake with your hubby growing up!...so I have a lot of ties to you!!! I need to incorporate your stuff into my day...my 3 year old needs some activity time and mommy attention badly! Everything is so cute and fun - keep up the great work!!!

  3. We just moved my daughter into her own room and wanted her walls to be bright and colorful. I set this up and she plays with it for hours. There isnt anything I'd do different except I made multiples of each letter and put them in a bin so she can choose multiples and put them up.


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