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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mighty Minis

I have 3 small kids who love popsicles.  My youngest (almost 18 months) is just too slow at eating them and I hate the mess.  So I found these at Target for $2.30 and thought I would try them.  They are SLOW MELT popsicles!  They have a little bit of Gelatin in them and are made from fruit juice and they are DELICIOUS!  Plus, I don't have to worry about stains on clothes and they are perfect size for littler ones who are slow at eating freezing ice things!

So here are my younger kids enjoying them.  They are a lot smaller too in size and the sticks are bigger but you know what I didn't care...they were happy and didn't burn in the hot sun while eating them! Hahaha


  1. Those are awesome! I want to see if anywhere around here has them!

  2. YUM!!! We have loved those. I found some similar ones here, but they melted way too quickly. I'll have to watch out for that brand again!
    (PS - we use a lot of your ideas. My in-laws own a family convenience store that I help work in a lot. When my kids are going batty from being stuck there, we pull up your website and find something fun to do!)


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