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Friday, September 3, 2010

Stick Puppet Show

I love activities that are made from recycled stuff and that are great for any age.  This is one of those activities.

Here is what you need.
Empty Box of Crackers, Skewers not Depressors (shown), print outs, crayons and tape.
These are MUCH BETTER!
Print this stage HERE

And these puppets HERE and HERE
Illustrations by Kayanna Nelson
Then while the kids are coloring. You can make the stage.  I taped it to the box after cutting the top off. Then cut the box in the hole and then let them color the stage.
While they are coloring the stage tape the puppet to the sticks, and then all around that. and don't forget to make them upside down so when the kids stick them in it is right side up...

Then I made up the words and the kids had to make up the motions like " Mr. Dog decided to JUMP over little girl Nadia." Then they had to do it.  then we switched.  It was great fun and I hope you all will try it!

The best part is that it is its own container! :)
The next time I pull this out I will make copies of the kids and put them on the sticks so "they" can really participate. :)


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  2. I am enjoying your blog, and I will probably try this one with my 3 yr old daughter.

  3. Hi! I'm featuring this project as one of my Friday Finds on my blog! Go take a peek!


    Thanks for the inspiration! Have a great day!


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