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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spider Web - for Halloween

Woah! That last post had an overwhelming response with the comments! Thanks! :p LOL

This project was inspired by my son:
Who is 3 and really wanted to be a spider for Halloween. So I obliged.
Here is what what you need:

2 Cans, Paint, Pipe Cleaners, Paper, Rubber Bands

Tear off paper from the cans(we were using these tonight otherwise write on the can what it is before ripping off the label!) Then cover the cans with Rubber Bands.

Next dip in paint and Roll, Roll, Roll.

While it is drying cut the pipe cleaners into 4 pieces. Like the length of your finger.

Then let the kids twist them into each other until all 4 pieces are used up.

My daughter didn't see where I was going with this...
Then glue the spider to a desired location and cut the paper into a web shape or circle.

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