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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bones Puzzle

Here is the link where I found this puzzle. Since R was coming over to play with L...I thought this would be super fun for them to do while I grabbed a snack. I cut out the pieces and then laminated them with packing tape so they would be protected but bendable. It even came with a guide and the kids played with it for 20+ minutes. The best part was that they made their own skeleton men...there was lots of laughter too.
Perfect little halloween fun, I also copied them smaller on cardstock and put mini magnets on the back for a travel game for when we are on the road.


  1. The link didn't work... I want to do this for my kids, I think they would love it! :) Can you send me the link somehow?

  2. Me too, love the idea but couldn't get the link to work. Help!

  3. http://www.gamescraftscoloring.com/crafts/halloween_skeleton.htm
    I found it at this site.


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