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Monday, October 19, 2009


I have a bunch of feedback from the last giveaway and I thank you for your ideas, I was wondering if anyone wanted to contribute by being another author or if you all like the random format that is provided.

I am not doing the letters in order because I want my kids to learn the Alphabet independently and letter by letter rather than in a specific order. I also am trying to do fun activities sprinkled in with a theme because I am not doing a preschool just fun stuff to bust the boredom.

I don't believe in preschool before 3 so that is the main reason for the randomness of the posts.

Do you want more themes?
Do you want more of a specific thing, like math/manipulatives or science?

Please let me know, I am excited for your feedback!


  1. I like the random fun. That's the same format I'm using with my kids.

  2. I like randomness. If I have an hour or two to fill with something fun I just go with it. If not then I don't, so it's nice to have lots of ideas at tip of my fingers that I can pull out whenever I feel the need.

  3. There seems to be method to your madness, like doing projects (leaf sorting, pumpkins on a fence) that correspond with the season. I would be a little perterbed if you started posting boredom-bustin' Easter ideas right about now :) So keep on rockin'!


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