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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

5 Little Pumpkins

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate;
The first one said, "Oh my it's getting late."
The second one said, "There are witches in the air."
The third one said, "But we don't care.”
The fourth one said, "I'm ready for some fun!"
The fifth one said, "Let's run and run and run."
"Wooooooo" went the wind,
And out went the lights.
And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight.

This is one of my favorite Halloween Songs/Poems. So we made a project out of it.
What we used...
Orange paint, Brown Paint, White Paper, Blue Cardstock, Yellow Cardstock, Brown Paper Bag.

We painted pumpkins on every kids hands...
I even did it with my 7 month old's hands.
Then you stamp that on the paper.
Repaint and Repeat 4 times so there is 5 pumpkins on the paper.
Let dry and then cut the outline out. With the paper bag cut a gate, a simple one.
With the Blue Cardstock cut it in half.
With the Yellow Cardstock cut the moon.
Then assemble the project.
Here they are finished.
On mine I made 2 with all 3 of my kids hand prints. So cute right?

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  1. My son loves this poem as well. We did this project last October and both my 5 year old boy and 2 year old boy LOVED it! We hung the cute artwork on our artwork door for Halloween. It is so great to have fun crafts to do with my kids! We did ours on 12x12 cardstock and they turned out so great! the kids loved the painting hands part. :)


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