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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sensory Box

I found this under the bed tub at Walmart for 6 dollars. I love it because it has wheels and two separate openings. You will see why it is important later. So I took this awesome box and filled it with wheat, because I had it on hand (surprise, surprise) and put some old cups and spoons, and slotted spoons and a plate in the box.
When I taught, this was the most popular thing in the classroom. When I visited centers across Denver Metro the Sensory Box was still the most popular thing in the class. I will show you all through out the year what you can put inside, but I think my favorite thing about the Sensory Box is the fact that it can be played with all year round.
My kids played with it for about an hour, then we sweeped up the little mess they had made and poured it back into the box. I am keeping this wheat for the month and then going to share it with a friend (who ever comments first) When they are done with it we can pass it to someone else, that is what is so great about the sensory box. Oh and of course the two openings...
She loved to wiggle her toes in it. This is a fun and cheap way for kids to have fun indoors. Let me know who wants it next!


  1. I LOVE the idea of this. I was going to make one and use oats, but sadly we ate the oats before any sensory box was made. The wheat is a good idea, and I would totally use it if no one else is interested.

  2. I'm a little late, but your sister-in-law? (Jen) just told us about your blog. I LOVE it! What fun ideas (and cute kids) you have. I f the above comment doesn't take the wheat let me know-I would love it!

    I'm adding you to my blog list!


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