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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Model Magic

I am adding a Label to this blog and it will be product testing. My oldest received this as a birthday present and I was curious to see how it worked and what it felt like and so here is our review.It is stretchy, and plastic-y and is easy to use. It hardens in about 24 hours, and It doesn't stick to your hands or the table like play doh.My kids liked it okay but it wasn't the same as play doh and maybe it isn't supposed to be, but I think it is for older kids who need to make something specific. I saved the other 5 pieces of it, because it comes individually wrapped which is a plus, but I need to come up with something specific to do with it, because once it is open it starts to really dry out. I am glad he got this as a present because I was dying to try it! :)He made a ladder and then made a caterpillar. We will draw the face on it once it is dry. :)

I give this a C+ for toddlers.
Which is fine because you never know unless you try right?

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