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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pepper Stamping

My kids had a play date the other date with their friend K. They love K. I do too he is so cute. We talked about seeds and things that come from seeds, things that have seeds and so on. I cut a yellow bell pepper in half and we tasted the seeds. We tasted the bell pepper and then talked about it's cool shape. K just listened and giggled. It was so funny. Then I pulled out a book that showed the different colors that they come in (yellow, orange, green, purple, red and white) We picked 3 colors we were going to use for the project.
Then we stamped! I love to stamp in case you were curious. :)
I love the shape that the bell peppers make. I also love to eat them raw...the kids unfortunately did not.

But they did like to stamp, and pull out the seeds.
Just another fun thing to do when Bell Peppers are 10 for 10 at the grocery store.

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  1. I love the peppers. We usually do apple prints but these make way cuter impressions.


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