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Friday, August 7, 2009

Shaving Cream

So my sister in law and the kids came over for lunch and fun stuff. I thought shaving cream would be a good idea since the age group for shaving cream usually is 2-6. Well she and I stressed a little too much about the shaving cream being yucky and not to eat it and the boys wouldn't touch it. They both FREAKED out. Then I gave up and pulled out the squeegie to clean it up and that is what the boys preferred. Cleaning it up! Hahaha Here are our traumatized boys before the squeegies...
and after...I will be doing this again, P.S. DO NOT USE SCENTED cream yuck!
Original Post 4/10/08

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  1. I saw this activity but they used the shaving cream on their face and had Popsicle sticks instead and they pretended to shave just like dad. It was cute. Maybe an idea for when they're older.


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