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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Giant Coloring Book

Since we all have been going a little stir crazy because we have been trapped in the house (My boy broke his fever Monday night, but I wanted to be safe) Our Art Tuesday was something simple. Coloring. I bought this GIANT book during Christmas time. My sister and I really enjoyed it, probably more than they did but it was something different. I also took us to the gas station and let my boy pick out a treat. He picked Necco wafers. I have NEVER tried them before! I let him pay and he was so excited. We colored about 45 minutes.

Afterwards he said to me, coloring in the lines is not very fun, can I have an empty piece of paper? So he continued coloring for another 15 minutes. My daughter was mad I wouldn't let her color my walls. Its tough being a toddler I guess. :)
Original Post 5/5/09

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