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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Milk Cap Stamps

Here is what you need to make them...
Milk, Juice, Salsa lids (whatever you can get your hands on. Puff Paint, Stamp Pad and of course paper and wipes...to clean between colors.

I found this Multi Colored Kids Stamp Pad at Michaels for 4.99. I went crazy and bought 3, because well...I thought they were cool. They also have single colored ones, but this one is way better. :)

You can pre draw the shapes on the milk caps, or be adventurous and do it free hand like I did.
I really went to town on some of them.
Let them dry over night and then let your kids loose. Well not really, but it is a cool thought.
Here is the finished product.
My kid was so proud he called his Dad at work to tell him all about it.
This is great for any age because it isn't messy and you can reuse it over and over again. Plus as you go through milk (2 gallons a week for us) you can add to your stamp collection!

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  1. Oh this is cool. This would be a great preschool project at my sons school. Thanks for the cool idea.


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