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Monday, August 31, 2009

File Folder Games

I have several books and you can find more of these on the internet. File Folder Fun is the site. You print them out and color them, laminate and use magnets, velcro, or anything you have on hand to make them stick felt works too. I have several of them already made and several more I have just waiting for me when I have the time. I love to color so this is really for me, but they are the prefect quiet time activity for your toddler. I take them to church, I take them to the Doctors office while we wait in the lounge, I take them on road trips, you name it they are the best. I have even made some to add to a birthday present for my nephew, I think he still plays with them. I love them and wanted to share them with you.


  1. Thanks for the website!! I've been wanting to make some of these and wasn't being creative enough to do it on my own!

  2. Your blog is so cute. Thanks for all of the cute ideas. I have tried to make some file folder games and I have had a problem with using velcro or magnets because the adhesive doesn't stick to the lamination. Have you had that problem? Do you have any suggestions?

  3. I usually get my velcro at Michaels because it is stronger.

  4. How do you laminate your small pieces? I have a machine but the only film I've found in the store is temporary pouches. I haven't tried cutting it but I think it would just come undone. There's gotta be something that I'm over looking. Thanks!


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