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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cheese-It Mailbox

My kids love to get mail.
My kids love to write letters.
(sept 3.08)
My kids love to pretend.
(sept 3.08)
So today while we were playing post office, I decided we should make a mailbox.
Here is what you need. A Cheese-It box because they are sturdy and a good size. Brown paper bag or these book covers I found at target for 39 cents. Packing Tape, Scissors and a utility knife.
This is how we did it (2x because I didn't want them to fight)
You wrapt it like a present except the top, because you need to get the letters out.
Then you cut a hole out of the top.
Then you print the logo. Here is the link to the Post Office Logo.
I just cut and taped it on.
Now it is time to play!


  1. I get such a rush using up my recyclables to make cool activities with the kids. #1 it's free, #2 the kids love it more than store bought because they get to make it their own. I love all your ideas. Im so doing the milk cap stamps in school this year. So Cool!

  2. I loved this mailbox idea. My son loves getting mail and playing mail carrier. The mailbox with the opening was a very clever idea. We're on our second one already. Thank you!


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