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Monday, August 24, 2009

Cereal Lacing

I know you all have done this, but my kids are up for anything. They haven't done it in a while and I know it is fun. Here is what you need...
Cereal, Yarn, Tape, Scissors.
I taped the ends to make them pointy and then knotted the other end to make a stopper.
I learned that my daughter had better hand eye cordination and was really good at lacing them all by herself. She sat there patiently and strung them one by one.
My son was having a hard time picking colors so I handed them one at a time. You will see why later. I let them go for about 15 minutes, where they sat there really working on their necklaces.Then we stopped so I could teach them about patterns. My son was quick to understand.

He then wanted to figure out his sisters all by herself.

We quickly discovered that the best part of the activity was eating them off our necks. I am sure we will do this one again! :)

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  1. I love this! That may sound silly, however it is something that kids around the age of 2 are supposed to do and it helps SO much with their development. And eating it is the greatest!


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