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Friday, August 28, 2009

Doily Flowers

This was a perfect little activity for my 20 month old who was feeling a little sad when her brother left for a play date. What you need...

Doily's we did round but they come in many shapes and are only 1.79 at Michael's. Paint, Paint Brushes, and Tape.

First you tape the doily in the spots you want them and then dab with paint. You could also use paint daubers, but I find them to be too watery for this particular project.

Then you let them sit for 10 minutes so they semi-dry. But we painted the other one so we could peel faster.

Then you peel off the doily.
We then added stems, and centers.
Then we let it dry and put it on our art wall. So CUTE!
My son was very upset he couldn't do it, he thought they we very nice and wanted to make one for his Grandma...I told him he could for Mother's day.

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