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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Zen Garden

We had the cousins over so my bro and sis in law could go on a date. We decided to do an all Asian night at our house. So...

I read about the different countries that we consider Asia.

They painted on Rice Paper.

Here is my son's finished picture.

We labeled it for hanging and then went outside to hunt for rocks.

I filled 2 8x8 glass casserole pans with salt.

They put their rocks in it.

Then they raked and scooped.

We made Zen Gardens.

They played for about 45 minutes and then ate lemon cookies and watched Mulan.
You know, for the full effect.

I then dumped everything into a gallon ziploc bag so they could do it again anytime.
It was very calming.

Original post 2/23/08

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  1. I love your sons pic, it looks like a boat on the water with the sun in the background! What a great artist! I love this blog and as soon as I saw what it was about I subscribed! Thank you for not letting me watch Barney 24/7!


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