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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Barrel Painting

Today for Art day we learned about Primary and Secondary Colors. We watched the Blue's Clues Episode because I think the song is catchy. We then did Barrel Painting. We were supposed to do this with C, but I was sick of the barrels being in my kitchen so we did it today.

This is what we used...
2 barrels (one cheese ball, one animal cracker)
2 Hot Wheels Cars
2 Bobby Pins
2 Arthurs (the Arthur figurines seem to be in every experiment)
2 Pennies
2 Q-tips
2 Legos
Washable Paint (I got this at Sam's and it had 15 packs of 6 paints for 11 dollars!)
Sketch Paper (not thick like cardstock, but not thin like computer paper)

We taped the paper inside and talked about the colors we were going to make. L of course wanted to make green. B is really into "Or-nch." The kids had fun shaking, rolling and kicking the barrels. This is what round one looked like.

We then had to do it again of course, so we did purple and orange and yellow. It was so neat to see the different objects in the paint. We could spot - Arthur in the green ones, the penny in the red one, the car in the purple one, and in the orange one the Q-Tip. It was so cool. We peeked periodically to see the changes that were happening. The kids seemed so into it! :)

Then we let them dry and the kids had a rock party in the backyard. They love to dig!

After they were dry I cut them into strips and we made father's day cards and and framed the ones for our Art Wall. They turned out GREAT!
I think we will be doing this again soon. If anyone wants to borrow the barrels let me know! :)
Original Post 6/16/09

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