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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paint Chip Matching

This is two activites in one!
It helps small motor skills with the clothes pins, and helps with color development!
What you need: A handful of paint chips (these are free normally), I did 10 sets...you need 2 of each chip. Scissors, Clothes Pins, Glue and a Container (not pictured)

Cut the paint chips to desired size. and glue on the end of the clothes pin. I did 2 clothes pins per paint chip. I picked different ones each time.
For example...#1 Dark and #3 Medium on the yellow chip.
#2 Dark and #3 Medium on the pink chip.
This made it a little harder for when they are older.
My 20 month old daughter is not as good at pinching the clothes pin so I had her just match them up and I put them on the chip for her, after she insisted on doing it herself like 6 times.
After watching my son do this so quickly, it gave me an idea for harder way to do this you know more advanced. :) Store it in a pencil box and you now have a nice quiet game for any day.


  1. Great idea Val! I will be visiting the paint section of Lowe's next time...

  2. I just made this game last week. SO easy and fun to do. It even intrigued my older kids. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.


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