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Monday, July 13, 2009

Bubble Machines

We hit Target this morning and I decided to just spend the day with the little boogers. We bought a fun toy and decided to play with it after nap.
Presenting the Bubble Master:As you can see it blows thousands of bubbles at one time. I played music really loud and let them dance and pop the bubbles. She loved it and was yelling "bubble-bubble" this is a game they play in Nursery and Gwen lets her participate even though she is still too little to go in.

I was also a little saddened when my boy said to me after it was over. "Oh man, mommy is done being fun. We have to wait for daddy to come home." I told him that I am always fun mommy and he said "Not when your tummy is so big." (I am 9 months pregnant)
Ouch. That hurt.
One day he will appreciate that I sacrificed my belly to bring him 2 sisters into this family!

*Side Note* It was 62 today and a beautiful day to wear shorts and tee shirts. I love the spring I hope it lasts! :) Original Post 2/24/09

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