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Friday, July 10, 2009

Shaving Cream


This fine stuff gets EVERYTHING out. Crayon, Pen, Marker, Permanet Marker. Do NOT add water, just apply to ruined area and scrub and scrape!
Shaving cream is a substance that is applied to the face or wherever else hair grows, to provide lubrication and avoid razor burn during shaving. Shaving cream is often bought in a spray can, but can also be purchased in tubs or tubes.[1] Shaving cream in a can is commonly dispensed as a foam or a gel. Creams that are in tubes or tubs are commonly used with a shaving brush to produce a rich lather (most often used in wet shaving).

The cream itself commonly consists of a mixture of oil, soaps, surfactants, and water or alcohol, manufactured under carefully controlled conditions to ensure proper pH and consistency.

Just thought I's let you know!

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