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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hoop Hopscotch Soccer

L (my son) finally got to have his buddy R over. For most of you who know me know that R is L's bestest friend. They have such a fun little time together and luckily R doesn't mind B (my daughter) tagging along.

R brought his basketball like he usually does and this time L noticed that on his ball was his name. So we wrote our name on our ball too!

We went out front and played a new game I made up. I am currently working out the rules and name of this game but here is how it looked...

I am so glad we have great grass and a nice big established Cottonwood tree in the front of our house, it is so nice and shady on hot days like today!

B was just trying to be involved. It was so funny.
This game is a cross between hopscotch and running crazy while catching the ball. They loved it. They threw the ball in and then hopped through the hoops to catch it. They tried kicking it in and rolling it in, running over them and then rolling through them. I wish I was 3 so I could have has much fun as they seemed to be having.
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Thanks R for coming over and having a few good laughs!
I am sure I will be hearing about this day for the next few days...well at least until Sunday!
Original Post 6/19/09

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