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Friday, July 3, 2009

Musical Xylophones

I was sitting watching my son's favorite show with him this morning as I usually do, and right before it was over I realized that we hadn't done a project in a long time. At my house my son only get's an hour of TV in the morning so this was perfect timing. I went into my recipe box of ideas and pulled one out, and I have decided that every Monday from now on we will be doing Music Mondays. If you want to join us, just call me and we can set up a music date!

This week we made water xylophones.
We opted to do 6 instead of 8 and it worked out just fine. We filled up each mason jar with 1 cup and each one got one more cup until we reached 6 cups.
Then we put food coloring in them, to make them look cool.

Then we headed outside and went to town. I love my daughter pooping in this last picture! Hahaha.I am ready mom!

We played music for about an hour talked about the Jamaican sounds and then had a picnic lunch in the grass. The little one wasn't really into it, so I let her bang on my metal bowls and we had a mini band outside. I wish I had my harmonica! It's packed away somewhere, DANG!

Here is my son concentrating...

Happy Monday everyone!
Original Post 7/21/08

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