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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Torn Paper Collage

We were babysitting for some friends and usually when we babysit at night we do a project. Before the project my son and his friend had a belly contest. She totally won! :) First we tore some construction paper. This lasted about 8 minutes. Then we sorted them into piles.
I asked the kids what shape they wanted and my son said a truck, so I squeezed glue into that shape and he filled it in. He did a pretty good job.
His friend wanted a house, and then when it was finished she told me she wanted to add a tree so we did. Hers looks nice too.
My daughter attempted to tear but the paper was tastier than I thought.
I saved the extra paper for another day, this made really cute pictures on my art wall.
Original post 7/25/08

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