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Monday, July 6, 2009

Flat Maracas

Today we made Flat Maracas, next week we will make round ones.

Before we could start the kids wanted a snack. I know the picture is crooked but my daughter looks like a doll sitting in that chair!
Here is what you need:
(the scent crayons aren't necessary but I had them and my boy wanted to use the stinky crayons)
First color the plates
(I used small plates because I have kids with little hands, but you could use big ones.)
She thought it was hilarious to sit with her brother.
Then you staple all around the edges, leaving a 2 inch hole at the top. Then you fill with rice.
(You don't have to use rice, dry popcorn-unpopped, salt, beans...anything will work)
My son was very into this, look how serious he is!
She opted to use her hands
The last thing you do is staple the last 2 inches of the plate and shake away!
(staples work much better than glue and you don't have to worry about dry time)
He was double checking my stapling job.
They were quite easy to make and will last a very long time. We put them in our music box and will use them for Jack's Big Music Show tonight. We are doing a music themed Family Home Evening.

(these pictures were all taken in My Daughter's room, yes those diamonds are hand painted. My husband is great at full filling my visions. It looks awesome trust me!)

Happy Monday everyone!
Original Post 8/4/08

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  1. I know this post is old but I just subscribed so I'm going through them all. I really wish we lived by you guys! Lily's absolute all time favorite show is Jack's big music show! I love the shaker idea. I think you could also use clear soda bottles and hot glue the lids on. I would put beans and rice in them. Thanks for all the great ideas!


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