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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ice Treasures

Today we did a science day since I am such a jerk and forgot about Art with C! I was telling L that we were going to do an Experiment. We were going to learn about ice. He smiled and thought this was cool, and then ran upstairs to get dressed. He asked me if he needed safety glasses and I said, probably not and he looked sad so I told him if he really wanted them he could get them. (His sunglasses lasted all about two minutes)

He yells at B "Hurry and get that diaper on and come down, we are going to do a Spearmint!" I tried to correct him but he insisted he was saying it correctly. (I blame my hubby's stubborn side, because remember...I am perfect.)

I explain to the kids all about water. See this is how I use my degree at home! :) Or act like Alton Brown in my kitchen whatever! :)
When water is a liquid it can take any shape of the container it is in. This is because the molecules can move around easily. (picture a ball pit) The molecules in a liquid can not be squashed nearer together or pulled farther apart, so liquids cannot be compressed or expanded by force. So we splashed a little and then filled the ice cube trays.

I told them I was going to do magic. I pulled out a tray that I froze last night...

What happened to the water? L - "It got hard" I said yep, we made ice. L - "No that ice comes out of the ice maker on the fridgerator-ator" I said okay is this ice the same as that ice? L - "This ice is just smooth" I let them touch and play with it and then they tasted it. I made 4 lemonade ice cubes in that tray. L "This ones like juice" "Popsicles at R's house" Yes, that is the same.

Then I explain about ice.
Ice is solid water. Can you splash it? Nope. In a solid like ice, the molecules can only move a little. So a solid stays in the same shape as it's container unless it has powerful force like crushing or twisting. The molecules are in a tight frame and are bonded together.

(I drew pictures do help them understand) My kids are in this need-to-know-why mode.

I asked them if they were ready for the Treasure hunt...
I put several small toys, rocks, and shells in a bowl of water and froze it. Then Bridget and Lucas had a great time trying to get the toys out of the ice. They used a spray bottle, salt, a fork, etc. Lucas was very determined to get "Dude" (my Tony Hawk action figure) out of the ice, and they had lots of fun!

I then showed them how hot and cold water could make the ice melt. They liked stirring the ice blocks in the bowls.

This is what freed Mr. Hawk

We then went outside to see which was faster--sun, water, fork, or salt. They were trying to rescue Buster and Arthur out of the ice. Which do you think won?


S was just happy to be outside with the rest of us. Does this outfit look familiar? It should B wore it when she was 3 months...SEE. My girls just have the cutest smiles don't they?

Another successful Science Day!

*Tips* Use distilled water for clear cubes. Minerals in regular tap will make the ice white.
This Science Fun can also be done outside, but it will melt faster.

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