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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Marble Painting

I have 3 ways of doing this, so you will just have to wait and see the others. This one I used to do when I babysat when I was 17. List of ingredients...
2 pie tins, 2 sheets of card stock, food coloring, shaving cream, plastic forks.
Spray shaving cream into pie tins with the card stock inside.
With a dropper or food coloring tube drop dye all over shaving cream.
Stir with fork.
Like so.
Pull out of tins and scrape off remaining shaving cream. Let air dry and you have marble paper. I cut Letters out of our dried marble paper. The green one turned out better because he didn't get dye on the paper just on the shaving cream.
We did this about 6 times. It was quick, fun and totally different!
I love shaving cream by the way! Especially when its 50 cents at Walmart!

Note: We used forks because food coloring stains and is on your fingers FOREVER...
my thumb is still blue from last week! :)


  1. great idea! can't wait to see the other techniques. :)

  2. Apparently I have not learned the joys of shaving cream. I've never used it for anything other than shaving. I think I'm gonna go get me some.

  3. fun blog you have here! You can also put the paper on top of the shaving cream after the colors have been mixed in. I've done this before in a stampin up group and we used the stamp pad reinkers to make our paper. Great idea to do this with food coloring! Thanks for sharing! Rachael in Oregon


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