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Friday, July 17, 2009

Art Giveaway #1

All I have to say is 34 Followers in less than 2 days...Wow that is some serious Love people!
I am so glad that Christine from The Art Store found me and is going to help us do our first giveaway! Woot!

So our first Giveaway is TODAY Friday July 17th, 2009. Thanks for your support!

This is an Art Set by The Art Store...(valued at $40)

16 count Triangular Crayons - They don't roll!
This cute Pip Squeaks Tower (50 count)
And 2 Sketchbooks.
And here are the rules...
- In the comments section I want to know -
What is your favorite INDOOR thing to do with your children?

If you are a follower of this blog you can enter 2x if you aren't no biggie,
but you can only enter one time!
Contest closes Saturday night at 9pm Pacific Time.
Winner will be selected Sunday at 12pm Pacific Time.
Good Luck!

Love, Valerie
Please tell your friends, the more followers the more giveaways! And we all like that right?


  1. I love sitting in the closet with my 2 little ones and read with flashlights. Its something about their full attention that makes it so special.

  2. I am a follower so here is my second entry. I would love to see maybe baby things on this blog too!

  3. Wow! Awesome giveaway! Our favorite thing to do inside is puzzles and play games. Our latest favorite game is Boggle Jr. They love it! The painting is also always a hit!

  4. Oh yeah, and I'm also a follower! Love it!

  5. My favorite thing to do with my nephew and neice is coloring. That is my FAVORITE indoor activity.

    I also reallt enjoy play-dough. That is a really fun thing to do as well. Molding figurines and shapes with all different colors.


  6. My Favorite thing to do or should I say my kiddos favorite thing to do inside is READ and to finger paint and color:)

  7. One of my favorite indoor activities is playdough. I like making my own because I can customize colors and scents. You got to see first hand my enjoyment of play dough making! P.S. LOVE THE BLOG!

  8. I like to make puppets and play with my kids. They think I am cool because the other MOMS don't do that. I just remind them that I am a DAD!

  9. My boys favorite thing to do is play in the sink. Kind of weird I know, but we just get out plastic cups and big spoons and they play forever in the water.

  10. Our other favorite thing is to make cookies or muffins. They help me pour the ingredients in and mix it up.

  11. These crafts remind me of when you used to babysit me, many years ago.

    Tears. Of joy of course. You were the best babysitter EVER!

  12. Yay for give-aways! I have two favorite things, it's a toss-up... 1. We love arts and crafty things, painting being our favorite.
    2. We love to read together... we'll go through all of our library books in one sitting.

  13. Second entry for us followers! Yay! :)

  14. Umm I like to watch my kids watch TV and see them shout at Dora. Is that bad?

  15. We love to read books and do puzzles.

  16. And now for my second entry, I love having music playing and dancing silly! I am really crossing my fingers that I will win!

  17. I have a 3 month old, so we like to sleep!

  18. Nut I hope we can do projects soon.

  19. Here's my second one: We love to cut pictures out of old magazines and make collages.

  20. I like to do what you tell me to do. I am just really starting to realize that my kids need more from me.

  21. We like to eat when we are inside.


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