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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tye-Dye Butterflies

Or Flutter-byes as my 20 month old daughter calls them. Here is what you need.
Pipe Cleaners, Coffee Filters, Water Spray Bottles, Clothes Pins, and Markers.
Thank You to D for letting me come over and bring Art Day to her house again!

Color the Filters with Washable Markers.

Spray the heck out of them and leave them out to dry.

Bring them in and lay them flat.
Now Fold.
and again...
...then wrap around and twist with pipe cleaner.
Curl around your finger to make antennae, and open the wings.

L and E decided to throw them into the air and see if they could fly.

These were easy and you could easily turn them into fridge magnets. We took L's home and put it in his treasure drawer...more on that later.


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