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Monday, September 14, 2009

Swirly-Bumpy Snakes

My son really wanted his friend A to come over and play and finally the stars aligned and we were able to have her over. We read a few books about snakes and then made these crazy things!

Here is what you need...
Paint (I used finger paint because it is lightweight and more vibrant in color)
Bubble Wrap, Paper and a brayer (not pictured) or foam brushes.
You paint the bubble wrap any color, we did 2 on one piece.
Then you press the paper on the bubble wrap.
Here are A, B, and L's papers...cool huh?
Then you cut into a circle (once they dry) and add string to the top.
We decided to hang ours, but you could do anything you want.
And that is it!

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  1. OH YAY. What a great idea. :) I'm so excited I found your site. I will have to share this wonderful find with my friends.



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