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Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Stegosaurus

Project #4 in Dino Week

I have been reading my kids this series for a while, but especially this week we have been pointing out what each dinosaur is because they are all labeled in the book! AWESOME!
There are 9 books so far in the series by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague. I love them and thought I would tell you about them. Here is their site.

Because we had our friend K over I downloaded this DinoEventKit from the Scholastic Website.
We did a story hour of all the books and then the kids picked out which dinosaur they wanted to make.

They picked a Stegosaurus. So here is how we made them! Now remember I used to teach so I have experience in the order of doing things and now you can benefit from my wisdom! HAHAHA.

What you need is paint (any color) and paper, scissors, glue and 1 wiggly eye.

FIRST - Trace 3 hands on one sheet of paper (they will be painting a total of 2 sheets)
Turn the hand prints over, then paint the lightest color first. In our case it was yellow.
Then the green then the brown. Let dry.
We did 3 colors because I wanted to make sure we covered the entire paper with paint.
Then you cut the hands out once the paper is dry.
Oh and I free handed a dinosaur shape. Now the reason we drew on the back first is so we didn't need the kids for this step. I did all of the cutting during nap time and saved the gluing for when they woke up. We also did this so you don't see the ugly pencil marks on the front of the project...see there is the wisdom part of the project! LOL
When they woke up they glued the eyes on and hand prints on and there you have it...a freaking cute stegosaurus! Your Welcome! Hahaha (just kidding)


  1. love those How To Dinosaur books, too. great ideas for a theme week.

  2. I did this for a birthday card and it turned out way cute! Thanks for the quick and easy idea!

  3. I did this with my 2 and 3 year olds today. They loved it! Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into this blog.


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