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Friday, September 11, 2009

Sock Sack

We made it through the week without paint! Yea us!

This is a perfect solution for lost socks...and in this house of 5 we have an entire bin of lost socks!

Here is what you need...
Unmatched socks
Dried beans, lentils or rice

Simply fill the sock with about 1 cup of dry beans.

Tie the end and pull to tighten.
There you go...it's a sock sack!

Combined with a large coffee can, #10 can or waste basket or large bowl and you've got "basket sack!"

We decided to leave the tails on because they look funnier when you are trying to throw it in the basket.

You can use it to really fling your sack high into the sky. Or throw it at your younger sister. You decide!

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