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Monday, September 21, 2009

Dino Feet

Project #1 in Dino Week

Dino Feet - This is a lot of work on your part but once they are done they are fun for everyone! (with little feet)
You need 2 sturdy boxes, I used Capri Sun boxes because they are tough and the right size and I had 4 of them since I get to make 2 pair (lucky me) Paper, Scissors, Packing Tape and Paper.
Mark your holes and then cut with a utility knife.
Trace the circle you just cut out backwards so you can turn the paper over and see no lines and it still matches up. You can trim the excess box if you are anal like me and don't want to see it.
Cut your own crazy claw/toenail pattern and tape it to the box.
Then wrap the green paper over the box and get the short two sides as well. DO NOT COVER the BOTTOM, it will make them slippery!
Now let your toddler enjoy them. Wearing your pajamas is not a requirement!

We added scales to the feet with markers to give it a more authentic look, my son insisted!

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