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Friday, June 6, 2014

SBBK - Math 4

Summer Boredom Buster Kids - Math!
M&M Math (school agers)

I gave the older 3 a cup of M&Ms.
I drew a graph and had them sort the candy by color.

 Then they wrote their findings. 1st grader:

Kinder: (she needed some assistance in what I was looking for)

Then we added them up.

My 3rd grader also did this and then I had him do some more complex problems orally.
For example. All of the red totals minus the blue totals for all 3 kids.
Or, All of the yellow totals multiplied by 4.
You get the idea.
We did this sort of quizzing for 20 minutes.

Once we were done with all of the math I had him explain one problem to the girls.
The sum of the brown candies multiplied by 2 would be ... and why.

They enjoyed him teaching it to them, and he liked that he knew more than them.

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