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Friday, June 20, 2014

SBBK - Cooking 4

Summer Boredom Buster Kids - COOKING!

Its original post date was : October 2012!

We like to have a little adventure and let the kids make their own dinner...sometimes.

Last night, I wrote a bunch of ingredients on different pieces of paper and the kids chose what we were having.

They chose: Mushroom, Garlic, Spinach, and Pineapples.
(We had pineapples on the side)

We made quesadillas.

 I sauteed mushrooms, garlic, and spinach and put them all in separate bowls.
The kids then built them.

 The kids were pretty happy with their creations.

 It was a fun family night, and made a perfect meatless monday!

*We do this kind of dinner at least once a month. I usually write what randoms I have in my fridge*

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