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Monday, June 16, 2014

SBBK - Cooking 1

Summer Boredom Buster Kids - COOKING!

My kids love to be involved in the kitchen.
How about yours?
This week, I have 4 simple ideas to get your kids in the kitchen with minimal mess.
First up, Scrambled Eggs.
My oldest will be 8 next month and I thought he should be able to handle scrambled eggs.


In my house during the school year, I have designated days for breakfasts.

Monday and Friday is cold cereal

Tuesday is Eggs (in some form) and toast

Wednesday is Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, Cracked Wheat, 
or the like (my 6 year old says Porridge) usually served with fruit and milk

Thursdays is Muffins (which I make the night before)

Saturday is Daddy's Breakfast (usually fancy pancakes)

Sunday we have a Fun Breakfast for dinner so the morning is usually bagels or cereal.

This helps get good food into my kids, and helps us not go through 12 boxes of cereal a week.
Because my husbands favorite thing is cereal. He even eats it for dessert sometimes.

I am confident that my 6.5 year old could make scrambled eggs as well.
But, my almost 8 year old would like to try to make them regularly for the family. So here's what he did.

I usually have a plate near the eggs for the cracked ones to go. 
Less mess. 

We also had some left over strawberries so I had him cut those too.

No complaints!
I usually make all eggs with oil instead of butter. They fry up better, in my opinion.

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