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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scheduling Toddlers/Toddler Tips/Potty Training

sorry I couldn't resist!

Lets talk about poop shall we?

I have talked about it here, more in depth HERE but let's talk about other issues with the big B-M.

I have a BUNCH of new followers! 239 is AWESOME!  Since then I have received several emails about doing the dirty business.

If your child is great at #1 on the toilet but still having issues with #2 here are a few suggestions:

Talk to your kid about the situation, address your concerns or the problem you have. 
Is the problem beyond their control? Constipated, Diarrhea? or is it "That they don't want to?"
Talk to your little cutie:
"Jenny you do such a great job going pee in the toilet, I bet you can do just as well going poop."
"Tommy, I am so proud of you for going all day in the potty but you know poop goes in the toilet too!"
"Sam, where does pee go? Where does poop go?" 
"Sarah, we are all done with diapers which means you need to use the toilet for pees and poos"

If you talk to them like big kids, they might surprise you and actually understand you better. As long as you aren't yelling or frustrated when these talks are going on, you should have success.

Come up with a poop plan.  Do a potty chart just for poop.  

Another thing that has worked for me with kids I have trained in the past is explaining what poop is. Explaining that it is the stuff our bodies don't need anymore, so we have to poop it out to make room for the new waste.

This is one of the harder things with potty training, because when they have been in a diaper 20+ months pooping isn't even thought about. It just naturally comes out and it's done. We are asking kids to think about it, recognize the signs and then take the appropriate action.  It becomes very hard to rewire that part of the thought process for some.

As always your input is welcome, friendly responses or stories please. 
I am here ready to answer any more questions you may have, and thanks again for the support!


  1. Thank you! I need to just take a breath and talk to Rosie about going. Love your site!

  2. This totally worked for me last year.

    Thanks for your email then, and thanks for the reminder now!

    You truly are a potty genius!

  3. I have been working with my 2.5 year old son for about a week and a half now. He took right to going poop on the potty. However, I get the impression that he thinks that he is supposed to poop every time. He forces his pee out as though he is trying to poop. We have gone 3 days without any accidents and he even goes through nap and all night without wetting the bed. I know it is still early on in the process but should he recognize by now when he needs to go and tell me? As it is now I just take him about every hour and a half or so and that seems to work. Sometimes he gets angry when I tell him it is time to go though because he is playing.

  4. I would just keep doing it until he can show you he can do it on his own.

    I still remind my almost 4 year old to go before we leave or if she has done yet.

    Over time you will do it less and less and he will go more on his own. :)

  5. I need your help. My son has been potty trained to pee in the potty for 10 months now. But he still will not go poop in the potty. He'll be 4 in May. I have tried everything. Sticker charts, rewards for trying, and even bought prizes for when he does go potty as an incentive. Lastly, I went to the store and let him pick a toy that he could have when he poops on the potty. He doesn't have constipation issues. He will just ask for a pull up to poop when he needs to. So the problem is with actually pooping in the toilet, not pooping. He did try to poop on the potty once I bought him the toy. But no luck. He says it's too hard to go on the potty. I tried the little potty and the step stool for his feet to rest on while using the toilet. My fear is that if I keep pushing him, he will become constipated. Please help!


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