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Monday, October 31, 2011

Rectangle Lunch

For those lucky enough to know me in real life...(haha j/k) you know that I am now on bed rest. The first time I have ever had issues with a pregnancy in my life and I am finding it VERY difficult to be the best mom I can be...

but my son (my so helpful and smart son), insisted on making lunch for his sissies. 
So, here is what he came up with...

Cheese Sticks (string cheese) Pretzel Sticks and Ants on a log...he did pretty a pretty good job too...all 5 food groups are on the plate! 

The kids LOOOOOOVED their non-sandwich lunch.  Just something different.


  1. Bed rest is hard! I was on it for all 3 of my pregnancies. From week 23 on for my 1st, week 16 on for my 2nd, and from the beginning for my 3rd (more of a restricted activity at the beginning, since we knew what was coming). Just remember to stay down! No matter how much that carpet needs vacuumed, the baby is more important!! For my 3rd, my OB/GYN filled out the paperwork for me to get temporary handicap tags, so when I had to go somewhere I didn't have to park and walk far. And let people help! It was hard for me, but I'm so grateful for all the help my Relief Society gave me. At one point they would bring meals every other day. (I felt bad and wouldn't let them bring it every day...)

  2. That is such a precious story! What a good helper you have!

    (from "The Intentional Momma")


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